Monday, November 26, 2012

New Video - Prince - Rock and Roll Love Affair

New music from Prince, it's called "Rock and Roll Love Affair" …as a long time PRINCE Fan I have to say I'm digging this big time.

Here's the Video

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

Rheostatics CANCEL all 3 Horseshoe Shows...*UPDATE*

 Some very unfortunate news from Dave Bidini's Facebook page today regarding the upcoming Rheostatics shows at the Horseshoe, below is what he had to say:

"hate to bring this bad news on this good day, but RHEOSTATICS are cancelling all of our horseshoe shows. refunds at the club, details to follow. martin is unable to perform at this time. we tried hard to make it work, but could not. i am terribly sorry and devastated by this transgression. we love you all so very much for your support."

Hoping everything is alright with Martin, sending out good vibes.

Joe Cornelisse-SMM


Here is an official statement from the band

"The Rheostatics regretfully must cancel their upcoming 3 shows at The Horseshoe Tavern on December 5th and 6th. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Martin Tielli, is unable to perform. The band sends out its sincere apologies to the Horseshoe Tavern who were so kind as to extend the gig invitation to the band and to all of our fans 
who showed their support by purchasing tickets to the event."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

D-Sisive | Jonestown 3.The Dream Is Over email from D-Sisive

D-Sisive | Jonestown 3.The Dream Is Over

Album Producer: Muneshine

Music has never been my therapy.

Maybe it’s because my past tragedies are the foundation for most of my work, but I’ve never been able to relate to an artist who credits his|her music as therapeutic. I’ve always had to dig. Time travel. Back to memories I wished I’d never remember again. Fortunately, and unfortunately, that’s never the case. We can suppress them. Pack them away in Tupperware. But they always come back. In dreams. The shower. During movies or songs. Smells. Meals. Something always seems to trigger them when you least expect it. This is why creating, intentionally fishing, could never be therapeutic for me.

Banana Bread [a song on Jonestown 3] was inspired by a fan’s letter telling me she asked her grandmother to pray for me. The opening lines brought me to an afternoon I spent with my father. He was telling me about the day my grandmother, his mother, died, and how he morbidly felt satisfaction. I felt sickened, and let him know. He told me ‘don’t make judgment calls on what you haven’t lived.’ I never took into consideration what he was put through. My grandmother was an alcoholic of the worst kind. She was also the most beautiful person when sober. But that’s always the case.

Writing about that story reminded me of what I went through with my father, who also eventually died because of alcoholism. History repeated itself. I didn’t experience a tenth of what he did. He was distant, but wasn’t abusive. He always made sure I was taken care of, but was selfish with his self-abuse. That’s what I had to deal with. Revisiting this was far from therapeutic. Nothing was lifted off my chest. In fact it made me feel worse. But I believe this is necessary for my art.

“Some people must go to extremes to get the world in balance for themselves. Some can’t bear bright lights, so wherever they go they search for the dark; they turn the lights down, anything to sustain some level of comfort.” -Julian Schnabel

This has always been my process. And always will. If you want to dance, listen to the radio. Escape. We all need to dance at some point in our lives. Even I’ve done the Lambada once or twice, as horrifying as that is to imagine. But we also need to come back down. And I’m fortunate enough to say I’ve been there waiting for you when you landed.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

And here she is...

The end.

D-Sisive | Jonestown 3.The Dream Is Over 

[FREE Download]:

twitter|instagram: dsisive

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spoons - Arias & Symphonies 30th Anniversary Edition

  Today saw the release of 'Arias and Symphonies' the 30th Anniversary Edition by Canadian new wave/synth pop pioneers the Spoons.
  Originally released back in 1982 "Arias and Symphonies", was a ground-breaking record for the Canadian music industry as it helped usher in the music video era via Much Music, not only was the record ahead of its time musically it's synth pop backdrop mixed with its funk inspired rhythms gave us kids at the time something new and fresh to dig our teeth into.
   To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of "Arias and Symphonies", Sparks Music/Ready Records have created a special edition of the album - available now for sale on iTunes. This special iTunes exclusive version features a complete one hour live concert which was recorded at the El Mocambo in Toronto back in 1982.

The 30th Anniversary of "Arias and Symphonies" special iTunes edition is available HERE on iTunes for only $11.99. or you can purchase the CD from Sparks Music HERE

Don't miss on Friday November the 30th 2012 the Arias & Symphonies 30th Anniversary CD release party, it's at the Revival Bar - 783 College Street Toronto, ON…original Spoons Keyboard player Rob Preuss is coming up from NYC to play with the band also opening the night will be another band that changed the face of Canadian music back in the 1980's Images In Vogue.

Below is the track listing for the special 2 Disc iTunes exclusive version

Disc 1

1. Trade Winds   2:15   Lyrics
2. Smiling In Winter   4:05   Lyrics
3. One In Ten Words   4:10   Lyrics
4. No Electrons   5:12   Lyrics
5. No More Growing Up   3:25   Lyrics
6. Arias & Symphonies   4:46   Lyrics | Artwork
7. Nova Heart   5:46   Lyrics | Artwork
8. South American Vacation   4:12   Lyrics
9. A Girl In Two Pieces   4:27   Lyrics
10. Walk The Plank   4:26   Lyrics
11. Blow Away   5:57   Lyrics
12. Test Sample (Live at Barrymore's Ottawa, ON 1982   2:52  
13. Tunnels For Testing Wings (Live at Barrymore's Ottawa, ON 1982)   3:11  
14. Broken (Live at Barrymore's Ottawa, ON 1982)   4:03  
15. Walk The Plank (Live at Barrymore's Ottawa, ON 1982)   4:27  
16. Symmetry (Live at Barrymore's Ottawa, ON 1982)   5:26  
17. Blow Away (Live at Barrymore's Ottawa, ON 1982)   5:53  
18. Nova Heart (Singularity Mix) (Radio Edit)   4:04  

Disc 2
1. Nova Heart (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   5:59  
2. No Electrons (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   4:49  
3. One In Ten Words (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   4:07  
4. Red Light (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   4:36  
5. No More Growing Up (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   3:33  
6. Arias & Symphonies (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   4:39  
7. Ice Age (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   4:18  
8. Walk The Plank (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   4:28  
9. Western Romance (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   4:33  
10. Friends In The Media (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   3:49  
11. Symmetry (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   5:41  
12. Annita (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   6:22  
13. Spanish Eyes (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   3:27  
14. Nova Heart (Live at the El Mocambo Toronto Canada 1982)   6:38   

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sigur Rós announce North American tour for the spring of 2013

Sigur Rós have announced a full-scale North American tour for the spring of 2013

Here are the tour dates

03.24 Washington DC: Patriot Center
03.25 New York, NY: Madison Square Garden
03.26 Boston, MA: Agganis Arena
03.27 Montreal, QB: Bell Centre
03.29 Ottawa, ON: Scotia Bank Place
03.30 Toronto, ON: Air Canada Theatre Bowl
04.01 Detroit, MI: Fox Theatre
04.02 Chicago, IL: UIC Pavilion
04.03 Minneapolis, MN: Roy Wilkins Auditorium
04.06 Denver, CO: 1st Bank
04.08 Dallas, TX: Verizon Theatre
04.09 Houston, TX: Bayou Music Center
04.10 Austin, TX: Cedar Park Center
04.12 Phoenix, AZ: Comerica
04.17 San Francisco, CA: Bill Graham Civic

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tonight: Fucked Up's Long Winter Vol 1

Tonight at The Great Hall in Toronto Fucked Up presents Long Winter Vol 1: Imposters

Music By


Readings by Spencer Gordon (author of Cosmo) and Helen Guri (author of Match)

All Ages   Pay What You Can   8:00PM

The Great Hall 1087 Queen St. W.