Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Concert Ticket Stubs - Nirvana – Maple Leaf Gardens – 1993

   Who could have known that four and a half months Kurt would be dead and Nirvana along with him, but seeing Nirvana live is one of my top 10 concerts of all-time. We didn't have the greatest seats (I remember us jumping down a few sections) but we were there and at the time they were still the biggest band in the world, so even as cheesy as it sounds we were all watching music history. Interesting note; by this time they had stopped playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live, so when it was all over the ones that went just for that one song were all pissed off, but I remember thinking how very cool it was that they didn't play Punk.

   Thanks to our good friend YouTube I found the complete show (well 99% complete).

Joe Cornelisse-SMM 

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