Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fucked Up's GG Allin Tribute Song to Finally See the Light of Day

       Today Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Tweeted that he had did vocals for their long overdue GG Allin tribute track that is to be included on the 7" titled RATED GG. The 7" is also rumored to include "Cleaned Up" GG Allin tracks from BEN GIBBARD, TED LEO, MOUNTAIN GOATS, and TY SEGALL. This was/is supposed to be a benefit single for New Jersey freeform radio station WFMU home of the great Tom Scharpling…now this was last March so I don't know exactly how that all worked out…I just hope that the general public (us) get a chance to get our hands on a copy.
Also in his Tweet was a sweet little tidbit about him doing vocals for a Melvins Split … from what I have been able to find out about this is The Melvins instead of a normal 12" vinyl release of the Melvins "Sugar Daddy" LP, there is going to be 13 - 12" 45rpm records, each record will be favorites of the Melvins past/future*/present… Fucked Up are included in that. 

No release date for either has been confirmed

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

Wild Flag….How The Hell Did I Miss This?

     Where the Hell have I been? And how the Hell did I miss Wild flag? …with so many bands and so many releases it's easy for some to fall through the musical cracks. It wasn't until a few days ago when the whole "Year End" lists started piling up all over the place that the name Wild Flag crept back into my already useless info filled brain…that's when I thought it was about time to check them out.

  Wild Flag could be referred to in some circles as an "Indie Super Group", I've never been too big on the "Super Group" label but in this instance I see it fitting, just look who makes up Wild Flag, we've got Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney, Janet Weiss who has played with everyone from Sleater-Kinney to Bright Eyes and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Mary Timony who more famously played in the band Helium and Rebecca Cole who played drums in The Minders

  Their debut self-titled record Wild Flag screams chemistry, that kind of chemistry that you usually only get from bands that have been playing together for years, you can just feel that vibe of them playing off of each other…it's refreshing. This record just has that right mix of guitars and vocals that don't manage to drown each other out…and did I mention the keyboards…drums, guitars and keyboards, my dream musical combo, can't get any better than that (in my opinion anyways). The record screams a DIY/Early New Wave sound with Brownstein and Timony trading off vocals that never gives the songs time to falter or get boring.

   I'm sorry Wild Flag for missing you the first time around, but I am now making up for lost time…..I promise

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

Stand Out Tracks: "Romance", "Glass Tambourine", "Short Version"

Wild Flag was released September 13th, 2011 on Merge Records.

 .....Here is the Tom Scharpling directed video for the track "Romance"

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012….Here We Go!!!
Love is for the Living

   With a new year comes new ideas, and as far as SSGS is concerned I'm going to "try" step up the pace and energy as far as my posts go…more reviews and also more new bands, you know the bands that your brothers best friends sister's cousin sings in, they've got a one song demo posted on SoundCloud…sometimes that's where you find the real gold amongst the glitter. 

  Lately I've had people sending me links to either their Blog's or SoundCloud pages for their bands or just their own solo stuff for me to listen to, I am really digging all of it so please keep sending me the stuff. 

    So let's begin…I got a message through Facebook back in November from Michael Attwood (sorry Michael I've been busy), Michael and his "lady" Karina Azlanova are from Germany and have a band called Love is for the Living. Michael describes their sound as folk/prog/doom and after giving them a few spins that description does seem to fit them…I usually don't like to put bands in boxes with labels but I'd probably add Post Rock to that description. Love is for the Living's sound is very raw and very new, Karina's got this PJ Harvey action going on too, the two of them have something here, and if they keep this up or branch out to other projects I can see them going somewhere…so give them a shot.

Here are a couple of songs from Love is for the Living:

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS