Monday, April 18, 2011

The Strokes Make some Coachella Magic

          I’ve always been on the fence with The Strokes. I still remember while working at Round Again in the early ‘90s when they first came on the scene, I gave them a shot, more than once and I don’t know why but they just never did it for me. I remember thinking why is everyone else digging these guys and for me nothing....that changed last night. 

      Like most of us I wasn’t even close to being able to get to the 12th edition of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, so like most of us I was glued to YouTube last night, and their live feed. After catching some Duran Duran (a guilty pleasure from years past) and then a bit of electrofunksters Chromeo (If these 2 Montrealers can’t get you to dance then you have no soul) I then switched over to catch some of The Strokes.  I thought maybe I’d watch/listen to a bit while I was working on a piece for the Blog, I was not too worried about missing it. 

       So The Strokes take to the stage (late, true Rock & Roll) and kick right into a set that I can only describe as mind changing, from the beginning chords of “I Can't Win” to the final notes of “Take It Or Leave It” those 5 New Yorkers ....well what can I say, they blew me away and I’m not the type of person to be swayed after only one performance, they did it...Long Live The Strokes*!!!
Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

* I take no responsibility if they decide to call it quits after I’ve made this statement...Knock on Wood

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