Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fucked Up Release Video for “The Other Shoe”

       Years ago Much Music would have dedicated a half hour of programing when a video of this magnitude was released,  they did it for Michael, they did it for Madonna…well this is 2011 and Much Music would rather cram new Degrassi and Teen Wolf episodes down its viewers throats (excluding The Wedge) than play actual videos…so we are just going to take it to the streets and by “the streets” I mean Blogs, Facebook ,Twitter all of the usually places for getting stuff out to you in this day and age and announce that Fucked Up have released a video for “The Other Shoe”

     Fucked Up continues to try and explain the narrative behind “David Comes to Life” with a video that introduces us to David, Veronica and Octavio , this video was directed by Toronto-based writer and director Matt Eastman. 

  Without further ado “The Other Shoe”

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS


1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, the decline of MuchMusic.
    They actually went to the CRTC to get permission to play LESS music. I didn't think that was possible.
    But, to the video. It is awesome. Fucked Up are probably the best 'alternative' band right now. Especially if you take alternative at its true meaning.