Monday, September 3, 2012

Sonic More Music-The 80's on Facebook

Hey Everyone

    Just wanted to let everyone know about a new facebook page I've recently got up and running, it's called Sonic More Music-The 80's.

  I have always been the type of music lover that has to keep his ear to the ground and know what's new but I have to face the facts and admit that my favorite genre of music is the 1980's. During my  formative years of 1980's I just ate, slept and breathed music. I bought and read from cover to cover any music magazine I could get my hands on, in the middle 80's I worked for a Sam The Record Man store, music was what I loved. So it's just no wonder that it helped shape my musical tastes of today.

So head on over to Facebook click on this link Sonic More Music-The 80's. and enjoy a trip through time.

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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