Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Derek Christoff aka D-Sisive drops Graceland

Derek Christoff also known as D-Sisive , one of Canada's most prolific hip-hop poet's has dropped a new track on us called Graceland...below Derek describes what it's all about:

This song has been through a few name changes since I recorded last Tuesday. It was originally titled Bubba Ho Tep, after the Bruce Campbell film [for obvious reasons]. Then I renamed it Don Mckellar, after the brilliant Candian director/actor, for patriotic reasons. After sitting on that title, I decided to not give this one a NAME name. It's the Asian Elvis jumpoff so I wanted it to be simple.
My home inspired the majority of the lyrics. Positively and negatively. So it made sense to go with the home of the mixtape's inspiration.


Let the games begin!

Hope you enjoy.
<3 Derek

Graceland is from the mixtape ASIAN ELVIS available TUESDAY.JULY.31.2012

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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