Friday, October 14, 2011

Live recording of Fucked Up at The Mod Club - Toronto - October the 11th 2011

    Most of you already know by now Fucked Up played a killer set this past Tuesday night at The Mod Club in Toronto, besides taking a few good shots I also brought my small digital recorder that I would normally use for interviews, but tonight I decided to record their complete without further ado...for the unlucky few that did not make it to the is Fucked Up LIVE 
**click on the link below**

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

Set List
No.1 Queen Of Hearts
No.2 Black Albino Bones
No.3 Remember My Name
No.4 David Comes To Life
No.5 Under My Nose
No.6 I Hate Summer
No.7 The Other Shoe
No.8 A Slanted Tone
No.9 Turn The Season
No.10 Running On Nothing
No.11 The Recursive Girl
No.12 Police
No.13 Son The Father
No.14 Baiting The Public
No.15 Two Snakes

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