Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lou Reed & Metallica-It's Not Good News

    Metallica and the legendary Lou Reed are set to release their much talked about collaboration titled "Lulu".  I have never had any problems with Metallica, even caught them live a few years ago…killer show (except for Lars, who after a while gets quite annoying). Lou Reed, well without Lou pushing the boundaries from the late sixties on we would not have had any number of musical genres that graced our musical memories. But…and it’s a big But, I know this is supposed to work as maybe a performance piece where Lou reads/sings the lyrics throughout and Metallica provides the musical base for it all and occasionally we hear James scream something…I just can’t seem to get the picture of them as their own individual artists out of my head , they just don't mix together well.

     If you take Lou’s voice tracks and maybe mix them with some different music it might take on another whole life of its own that works, and the same goes for Metallica…..but together in my opinion just does not work, peanut butter and chocolate it is not.

  Lulu is released Oct 31st worldwide and November the 1st in North America, you can check it out now for free as it’s streaming at Lou Reed & Metallica

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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