Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fucked Up with C'Mon, Biblical, Actual Water @ Mod Club - Oct.11

    Toronto's Favorite *Band FUCKED UP are returning home after crisscrossing the globe it seems like many times this year. They are set to play Toronto's Mod Club on October the 11th, now this means there will be no Toronto Halloween show this year so if you have not seen them perform songs from their latest opus David Comes To Life get out and get your tickets now. Advance tickets are $17.00 (plus SC) you can pick them up at Rotate This and Soundscapes , you can also get then online at TicketWeb.

     Other bands that have been added to the bill are C'Mon, Biblical, Actual Water and Wyrd Visions.

       Last week a video got released from Fucked Up's David's Town Record Store Day release called "Do You Feed? (The Curry song)" by the fictional band Animal Man. Here is the video...Ben and Sandy look like they are having alot of fun in if we could just convince Sandy to perform it live and also convince Mike to let them do it.

 * Most writers will add a label to Fucked Up...Hardcore, Punk, Experimental Hardcore..etc, but I know them just as a Band.

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS


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