Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TOY 'Motoring'

    The one thing to this day that I truly love about music is that it never gets boring (some will disagree with me on that statement but this is my Blog so who cares what you think) , there's always something new out there (well New 2 Me) that will give you that bit of a rush to keep you going through the day. Today that band for me is called TOY. This band from London draws heavily from the krautrock sound of the seventies and mixes in some Joy Division for good measure…it's that driving guitar sound that hooked me right away.

Here's the single "Motoring" that was released this past April. TOY will release their self-titled album on Heavenly Recordings on the 10th of September. 

Sit back and dig some TOY

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TOY's Website

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Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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