Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes....coming soon ?

    When I started this Blog almost a year and a half ago I had full intentions of writing posts every week, sometimes maybe twice a week... I was going to be diligent about it, not let anything or anyone stand in my way....but then this thing called life creeped up on me and we all know how that can be. 

  But lately I have had more and more people pushing me to either make more of the Blog or at least take what I know and put it to good use, so I've taken a step back, had a good look at SSGS and decided that maybe one of the first things that has to change is the name. 

    I notice when people ask me what my Blog is called I say Self Serve Gas Station...they get this look of great bewilderment upon their faces . It's the title to one of my favorite Rheostatics songs so I thought what better to name a Blog about music, but I'm just not feeling it anymore (Still love the Rheostatics though)....I have a few ideas so when you least expect it the new name will be dropped on you like a double oh oh neutron bomb...well not that big but it's gonna hit ya where ya live...stay tuned

Joe Cornelisse-SSMC

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