Monday, July 11, 2011

Portishead Announce North American Tour

         Everyone has their list of bands that they have not had a chance to see live yet but hope to some day...well Portishead is one of those bands on my list. The point where they got added to the list was probably the first time I watched Live at Roseland NYC, everything was just so perfect about it…they had won me over. Let’s get to the point of all this…Portishead are touring North America and they have 2 dates penciled in for Toronto…so it looks like I will most likely be scratching one more band off the list (and be covering it for SSGS or someone else)…now if we can just figure out a way of getting all of the members of the Talking Heads into one room without them killing each other then I can start scratching again.

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

Here is a list of their North American Tour Dates:
 October 1 & 2 IBYM, Asbury Park, NJ
October 4 Hammerstein Ballroom NY
October 5 Hammerstein Ballroom, NY
October 7 Jacques Cartier Pier, Montreal
October 9 Sound Academy, Toronto
October 10 Sound Academy, Toronto
October 12 Aragon, Chicago
October 15 Mexico, Corona Festival
October 18 Shrine LA
October 21 Greek, Berkeley, SF
October 23 WaMu, Seattle
October 24 PNE Forum, Vancouver
October 27 1st Bank Center, Denver

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