Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank You Mariposa For Another Great Festival..See You Next Year!

         Here we are home from another great Mariposa Folk Festival..the 51st Mariposa Festival to be exact.
Today was our Family day, it was a day for my wife and myself and our almost 3 year-old son Ben (Oh and I can't forget Ben's Nana) to just spend time together and have fun, and there's no other place to do that than Mariposa. 

     Sure the music was top notch as usual, but today the music was the background to Ben and myself walking through the crowds (picking up the occasional crock) and laughing , Ben and his Mama Drumming together and having one of those moments that only come around once in a lifetime, and Ben and his Nana sharing a laugh that only a boy and his Nana can have. Today was what Mariposa is really about in my opinion...Family

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

Ben, his Mama, his Nana and his friend says it all

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