Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Digging For Vinyl – The The ~ Infected

   For all the years I've been working at and or haunting Records Stores I've come to realize that there are three types of people who dwell in these stores day after day. The first is the guy (or girl) that's on a mission, they want to be left alone, they don't want to engage in any form of small talk, don't tell them about the time you saw Dylan and you couldn't understand a word he said…they don't care, they are there to scan the bins flipping one piece of vinyl at a time and don't need their concentration broken…I get like that sometimes. 

    The second type are the casual diggers, they scan the A's then wander a bit, talk to whomever is working (or trying to get work done) or try to talk to the guy beside them about the 10CC album that they may or may not purchase, then they move onto the C's (they went through the B's yesterday), they might ask you to spin something (cut them off at 2 pieces because you'll never get them out of there)…..I'm also like that somedays. 

   Number Three, well their the customer that knows their music, they can go on and on and on about any number of subjects relating to music, they will spend hours upon hours in the store and after they leave you realize that they didn't buy anything…they never do. This is the person that will eventually work in the store….that was me.

  I made two trips to Alleycats Music & Art this week, both in the same day. A mid-morning scan of the bins to just see what was around then back in the afternoon for a full on assault. The owner Mike was there so in-between looking at records we'd chat, that's the one thing I miss about working in a small indie store is the casual chat. I was pulling out all kinds of jazzy gems this week; he has a couple of Nina Hagen albums there right now…Nina Hagen in Orillia, now that brings the stores "Cool Factor" up a bit more than where it already was….and it was already pretty high. I also came across Ringo Starr's fourth solo record 'Goodnight Vienna'; I just love the cover of Ringo in a scene from the classic sci-fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still, I also found a commercial for the album on YouTube, I posted it HERE on Sonic More Music. A band I was always a fan of was INXS especially their early work, so you can imagine how cool it was to find a copy of 'Shabooh Shoobah' in the bins, the track "Don't Change" is possibly my utmost beloved INXS track.

    I could then hear a voice calling out for me from the various "T" section…it was Matt Johnson of The The and the record was 'Infected'. My first encounter with The The was through this album and like many kids at the time this album was released (1986) it was the video for the title track "Infected" that hooked me. If my memory serves me correct I bought it on cassette first then picked up the vinyl. Like many records I bought in those days I would play them from front to back, side A to B but sometimes I'd drop the stylus down on side B first and that would create a totally different vibe, I did that this week when I brought 'Infected' home and heard the track "Sweet Bird of Truth" for the first time in over 20 years…hearing Matt's voice again sounding like it's coming through the bowels of the earth slapped me back into why I first loved music. 

See you next Wednesday in the Vinyl Bins

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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