Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lost Elliott Smith Performance Footage Found

    Lost footage from the late Elliot Smith has been found and was uploaded to YouTube this past Thursday January 17th 2013. The LA times reports that it was uploaded by director Paul Thomas Anderson, who had directed a VH1 pilot for the "The Jon Brion Show" in 2000, the show was never aired.

   In the 'About' section on YouTube below the video it says:
"I tore up the floorboards at H.Q. the other day
and came up with this little number on VHS.
She holds up well.
Love, Al."

    I just finished watching it and my head's still spinning, such a great singer/songwriter gone way to soon. If you are a fan of his work then you have to watch this but if you have never heard of the late Elliot Smith I beseech you to take 43 minutes and 7 seconds of your day and experience it….you won't be disappointed.

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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