Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Radio That Doesn't - Music to My Ears

    With literally thousands of internet radio stations out there to choose from these days it can get kind of mind numbing trying to find one to suit your tastes, some people dig one specific type of music and that's it they don't & won't change but if you're like me and enjoy your variety those stations are few and far between, I think I've found one that's going to work for all of us., broadcasting to the Universe from Willowdale, Ontario, Canada runs the gamut as far as radio programming goes, the musical styles you'll find streaming are everything from Rock & Pop, Jazz and instrumental, some Soul/R'n'B, and great information programs…they've got everything. Just an example, in the last 30 minutes that I have been listening I've heard everyone from Rush to Moby, the great Ron Sexsmith to synthesizer musician Vangelis…now that's variety.

   Back in December RTDS announced that Thursdays’ programming would be devoted entirely to the promotion of Canada’s thriving Folk/Roots music scene with Roots Music Canada providing 3 original programs and with RTDS playing a diverse line up of Folk/Roots music leaning heavily on Canadian artists, as a fan of the Folk/Roots genre of music and one to always support our own Canadian musicians this was (and this is gonna sound kinda of corny but it works) Music to my Ears

   So do your ears a favor and head on over to and start listening, you will thank me. can be found at can also be found on 
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Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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