Tuesday, May 17, 2011

David Comes To Life Mini Documentary Released on The World

       Yesterday Matador dropped on us a short documentary about everyone’s favourite Toronto “hardcore” band Fucked Up, simply titled Fucked Up-“David Comes To Life”, directed by Robert Semmer , the doc takes us on a brief journey of Fucked Up’s 10 year history given by all 5 members of the group and then briefly into the recording of “David Comes To Life” the “Punk Rock Opera” that some are saying will be the last full length record from them....time will tell. 

       A few times in the doc it’s said that Fucked Up are no longer a hardcore band, a comment made in the doc by Tom Scharpling host of the radio show “The Best Show on WFMU” goes a little something like this “They’re not a hardcore group you know ,they’re they’re it’s like they’re the E-Street Band with a hardcore singer” ….do you get that feeling? Comment please!

      Have a look for yourself below…

And don’t forget June the 7thDavid Comes To Life

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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  1. I still laugh my head off when Josh Zucker claims he was a "street kid". His rich daddy was paying his rent in Parkdale and he was boasting his welfare payments were his party money. This arrogant wannabe communist fool is such a bullshitter and never had to worry about a hungry day in his life!