Monday, May 16, 2011

What's On My Turntable?

        So What’s On My Turntable Today?  Well today we have the 1986 Record by The Cure called Standing On The Beach-The Singles

      Now there have always been certain records that manage to bring back a rush of memories for me, and this is one of those records. Up until this record had come out I of course had heard of The Cure, I had listened to and had seen their videos for the songs Love Cats ,Close to Me and In Between Days, but I hadn’t had the chance to hear their older stuff, and this is what Standing On The Beach-The Single gave me. This record spans the years 1978-85, it begins with the very minimalistic, post-punk “Killing an Arab” taken from their 1980 record Boys Don’t Cry , up to the very catchy and almost upbeat “Close To Me” taken from their 1985 record The Head on the Door.

     As I was spinning this momentous piece of vinyl this afternoon while my young son slept I got to thinking that every single track on this record was good, there was not a bad song on it, of course you can say that they were all good songs because it’s a singles collection and you would be partly right, but what I always found with the Cure’s early stuff is that they didn’t seem to have any filler, you could put a Cure record on and listen to it from start to finish without ever wanting to skip over songs like you have to do with so many other groups. So go and dig out your copy of this record (I know you have one), throw it on and enjoy some music the way it was meant to be heard.

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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