Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Song Of The Day: Bon Iver’s “Towers”

         With the release of Bon Iver’s second full length record this June titled “Bon Iver” we hear a change in direction of the music from what we were given on their first record For Emma, Forever Ago, but with change also comes familiarity and Justin Vernon’s voice is exactly the same as the last time we visited it . 
        “Towers” is just an awe-inspiring track, it’s got everything you would expect and a little bit of wonderment all rolled into one, with Justin’s elevated vocals and the extended instrumental backing sounds you can lose yourself so easily in a song like this.

***The video that I put up on You tube for the song was taken down by "Web Sheriff" if anyone can help me with embedding a media player so I can have the song on the post that would be great***
Joe Cornelisse-SSGS


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