Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sloan’s been around for 20 Years? No Fuckin’ Way

             So with all the buzz surrounding Sloan’s 20th Anniversary (I think CHARTattack has dubbed it “Sloanamania”) I thought I’d wind the watch back a few years and see if I could come up with one of if not my all-time favourite Sloan track . Now this was going to be no easy feat, believe it or not these four guys have put out shit load of material in the past 20 years, between their studio albums and live stuff I think it’s like eleven records in total, including their new record "The Double Cross" , so when I actually started thinking about them their power pop harmonies and catchy riffs came flooding back like long car trips listening to a well worn copy of Smeared that had been recorded on both sides of a 90 minute blank tape (just so you didn't have to wait for it to re-wind all the way back to the start) …memories like those you can never get back again…

        O.K. enough of that stuff, my favourite Sloan track is…I Am the Cancer, that guitar fuzz at the start than when those vocals kick in…you just can’t touch Sloan when they get on that trip of theirs with those dreamy harmonies.

        I know this whole 20th Anniversary thing is probably just a PR campaign dreamed up by their record company to drum up buzz for their new record...I’m not stupid (Stop right there, you know what your mother always said) but if anything has come out of it is that you get to revisit some really great records by a truly talented and very hard working rock band, and that doesn’t happen very often

Someone had to stay

So I can go

Oh you kissed me, kissed me

I can't wait until you kiss me

Until you kiss me

I can't wait till you kiss me

Kiss me again

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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