Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fucked Up...David Comes To Life...the Pre-Review

     So for all o us (all of us meaning myself and another hundred thousand people...give or take a few) that decided to lay out the cash a few weeks ago to pre-order Fucked Up’s latest Punk rock Opus “David comes to Life” this week we were entitled to listen to the record before all of you that decided not to pony up the “Dough” (More about Dough* in a minute). 

              OK, this is not a complete review of the record, I’m going to wait and give my thoughts on it closer to the actual release date (June the 7th I think),  just think of this as a little taste of what’s to come...a teaser some of you might say and a bit of a David Comes To Life history lesson. First, I have never seen a build up to a record like I have seen with this one...last year sometime the Fucked Up camp started talking about their next record, and they were saying that it was going to be a Rock Opera, now most people would have tossed this aside thinking that they were just trying to throw us off the trail of what they were really working on..Well I knew that they were serious about what they were proclaiming...and before long everyone else would find out too. The title with the name David in it was being thrown around in interviews and on their BLOG “Looking For Gold” time and time again (If you follow Fucked Up you know that the name David has always ran through their career over and over again) . Speaking of Looking For Gold, in a post on the 23rd of January Mike Haliechuk wrote…and I quote “If anyone from like a magazine or a blog asks, it's not a "rock opera", but between you and me it is” then he went on to give the title of the record, the number of tracks on the record the whole deal, people always ask me why I know so much, it’s because I read everything.

         Then March of this year came around and they started releasing the singles from the album and also gave us details of their RSD (Record Store Day) release “David’s Town”, this was all just a bit too much for a Fucked Up fan to take…but take it we all did. As they continued to tease us with cryptic writings about this “Rock Opera” and new songs being debuted live the description that was given to us by singer Damian Abraham during an interview with went as follows "The basic story is that David works at a lightbulb factory and he meets this girl Veronica who is a local political activist. Somehow -- you never really find out -- she accidentally dies while they're doing political action in the lightbulb factory, and then it's David on trial. You hear the story from all different perspectives as various people tell what they saw and various things. You never really learn who has the true perspective." , now if that didn’t sound like a Rock Opera I don’t know what does.

   So here we are, it’s May the 14th 2011 and we have the complete record at our disposal …I have listened to it all the way through now three times and all I have to say is that it’s a much different record than Chemistry was, it reminds me of the days when you would have to sit down and listen to a record all the way through to get it…as I type this , the final track, track  18 that is titled Lights Go Up is playing in my headphones, it wraps up what this record is…and what’s that some of you might ask, well….come back on the 7th of June and I will tell you

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

Just got word today that Fucked Up will be opening up for the Foo Fighters at the Air Canada Center in Toronto on the 9th of August 2011, also on the bill is reformed Montreal rockers The Doughboys


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