Monday, May 30, 2011

What's On My Turntable? Blondie's Parallel Lines

          So What’s On My Turntable Today?  Today it’s 1978’s Parallel Lines by Blondie. The album artwork of Parallel Lines pretty much says it all, Debbie Harry takes control of this record from the beginning right to the end. This was Blondie’s third record, and you can feel the maturity in the lyrics and the music. This was still a pretty much a straight ahead “New Wave” record, even though with the track “Heart of Glass” they were blurring the lines of what was “disco” and what was New Wave. They got a lot of slack for “Heart of Glass” from fellow musicians and critics alike for “selling out”…but at the time there really wasn’t a big distinction between the two styles. 

     I hate to sound like a “broken record” (I know lame), but this is one of those records that you can put on and just listen to from beginning to end and not have a thought of skipping through it.

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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  1. That is an awesome album. I have it in my crate of albums but do not have a turn table any more. Hanging on the Telephone is about a buhzillion times better than the original Nerves version. Pretty Baby and Picture this are also amazing. I actually love the Eat to the Beat album as well- I mean, Union City Blues.. c'mon and Dreaming. Yeah, this post want to make me listen to some Blondie. Also, Clem Burke has always been one of my favorite drummers- a great talent.