Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Mariposa Folk Festival Artist Spotlight: Yukon Blonde

   As the Journey continues to the 2011 edition of the Mariposa folk Festival I’m going to spotlight a few groups or individual artists that I personally am excited to see. Today I give you Yukon Blonde


              You know that time, it’s late at night and you’ve got that need for something new but not too new, it’s got to have some harmonies, maybe a bit of southern jangle, some lyrics with a bit of soul but not too much soul as to make your head spin out of control...well look no further than Vancouver’s Yukon blonde.

        This very tight trio of Jeff Innes, Brandon Scott, and Graham Jones aren’t trying to be something they’re not, and if you know anything about me the last thing I desire to do is ghettoize bands into one specific category and that’s the problem that Yukon Blonde have run into from reviewers, they have had the “Country Rock” label unfairly placed on them, also being compared to C.S.N.Y. and The Band has happened quite a bit . 

       If you sit down and have a really good listen to their 2010 s/t release “Yukon Blonde” you will hear a multitude of influences that run the gamut from Pop to psychedelic.

          The stand out tracks in my opinion off of their record “Yukon blonde” is Brides Song, Wind blows and 1000 Years.

         Don’t miss out on this seeing these guys live at this year’s Mariposa folk Festival, I believe they will pick up where Zeus left off from last year’s festival and ignite a trail of new followers


Joe Cornelisse-SSGS




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