Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rolling Stone Magazine...Jumping the Shark? Or just Drowning in their own senility

It’s 2011 and what’s a magazine to do, you need to keep your proof readers in the lifestyle they have been accustomed to...and how do you do that you ask? You need to sell as many magazines as you possibly can.
A question was posted in the social networking universe this past week got me thinking ....has Rolling Stone Magazine jumped the shark?
This question was prompted by “Snooki”, the Jersey Shore “reality” star that is featured on the front cover of their March 17th issue.
She is one of many disposable pop culture answers for questions we should have never asked in the first place to grace the cover of RS over the years. Remember back in 1992 when the 90210 trio of Luke Perry, Shannon Doherty and Jason Priestley graced the cover to the groans of hippies and Rock Dads alike? there also has been Britney, Fergie, The Jonas Boys, Bieber....this list goes on, so the shark has sailed and any kind of cover credibility that Rolling Stone once had has gone the way of the Bierber Bird....until Pee Wee Herman gets caught with his hands down his pants again and they throw his mug back up on the cover where it belongs.
Now, when this piece starting floating around my useless fact filled brain, it got me thinking about the actual “Hard Copy” of a music magazine, I remember the last time I bought a copy of SPIN Magazine from a book store, everything that was printed inside just seemed so out of date.
I get most of my music info, no scratch that, I get all of my music info from on-line sources, and I find that I don’t go to the large sources, it’s mostly small indie (I know there’s that word) sites that have their ears and eyes open to all of the news and info that the Big Guys don’t cover. Why would I spend 4 or 5 bucks on something that has “news” that happened 3 or 4 weeks ago when I get all of that info updated daily if not minute by minute on-line.
And in writing that last paragraph I feel a stream of nostalgia flow through the pit of my stomach. I miss the days of picking up 2 or 3 magazine a week (I had a sickness I fully admit that) and sitting down and devouring everything I could out of them....that was then and this is on-line

Joe Cornelisse

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