Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fucked Up are Kickin It Old Skool...I Mean Really Old Skool

                 First I’ll begin with a very short history lesson on Silent Films, and by short I mean maybe one or two lines if you’re lucky

       Silent Films were made pre 1929 or around that time and they always featured live music because there were no recorded sound, especially spoken dialogue in the films

           That now brings us to 2011 and Toronto’s Godfathers of Grunge...oh sorry I was thinking of some strange October evening that I witnessed, or maybe it was just a dream...anyways let’s get back on track.  Toronto’s Fucked Up have earned themselves a place in Toronto Concert History as the only Hardcore Band to have ever played a library (and left it in one piece) and for some of us who were at that show it was a bit of a trip into the have all of these very calm looking librarian types walking around and smiling at you then at the exact same time to have Damian and Crew tearing it up on stage was just one of those shows that will stick in the back of your mind for years to come...until now.

           As part of the 24th anual Images Festival Fucked Up will performing at its closing night gala, they will be playing along to the silent film West of Zanzibar . The movie is a revenge story set in the jungle, which stars Lon Chaney as a magician who was cuckolded and crippled. All of this will be taking place Saturday April 9, 8:30 PM at the Toronto Underground Cinema @ 186 Spadina Avenue, lower level, the advance ticket price will be $12 dollars, then they will be $15 dollars at the door

         It’s been almost 10 years since Fucked Up first got together and in that time they have played almost anywhere a band can play all over the globe and to this day they just continue to amaze us with what lengths they will go to get their music out there to the people.....O.K. that last bit seems a little sappy but it’s late and I’m tired..Good night


Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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