Friday, March 25, 2011

Odd Future..Too Punk For Hip-Hop? Or Just Enough Hype To Get Us By The Swag

      Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All....Now If your anything like me , and I know you are (a scary thought I know) , you need a bit of potentially fatal trauma thrown into the ever dying pop culture mix every few years .  So here’s my dilemma , I’m still trying to decide if Odd Future have been released onto us for that very reason, to Shock the living hell of every clean cut, God Fearing, 9 to 5, Parental Unit ...or maybe, just maybe it’s just a joke on all of Us. 

      Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or "OFWGKTA" or as they have become better known as Odd Future are a LA Hip Hop collective that can trace its roots back to 2007, but it’s just been the last few months that this large group of young (ages range from 16 to 19) rappers and producers have Blown Up Huge. 

      The two main forces behind Odd Future are Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats, and as I type this these two guys can seem to do no wrong, publicity seeking I mean.  Just off some serious stupid, outrageous appearances at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas (Tyler Jumped from a Speaker into the Crowd at the Thrasher Party and broke some kids nose), they Rap about anything that could get your shit banned all over the Disney Channel and such (some really nasty shit I’m not gonna get into here). But as they continue to make Eminem look like Bieber, I just got this gut feeling that this whole thing is being produced by some master “creator” behind a curtain of Swag. 

           Here are my Predictions....Tyler and Hodgy Fall Out big time, then Tyler starts working with the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna and at that point know one will be able to touch him, Hodgy, well Hodgy gets a gig as music director for the new Charlie Sheen late night talk might seem like a dream sequence but it’s all too real in the life of OFWGKTA. 

*** Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent***

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

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