Monday, March 14, 2011

Fucked Up Gives Us a "David Comes To Life" Release Date...Sort Of

          It looks like and Pitchfork have beaten me to the punch with this news (I have got to remember to post this shit as soon as I find out about it)

          Toronto’s Fucked Up have decided to give us a Not so Official, Around the Bend, Under the Bridge release date announcement for their long awaited Record David Comes To Life 

     I noticed late Saturday night that Mike Haliechuk, FU Lead Guitarist and the Caretaker of Looking For Gold, Fucked Up’s Officially Unofficial Blog (It’s basically Mikes playground to do what he wants with...) had posted an image of a (suspected) promotional poster that that has the title of the album at the top, this very serious looking chap sitting at a table drinking from what I can tell English Breakfast Tea and from what it appears to be lyrics printed in the middle of the poster, and at the bottom in the middle a release date 06/07/11 (Have a look for yourself as I have re-posted the image) 

   Now take this news for what it is, but we might actually get to see a new full length Fucked Up record this June, until then.............Haven't they said all of this before ?

Death comes swiftly, for those who wait,
but he's just like the rest of us, an impatient ingrate


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