Saturday, March 12, 2011

Are the Foo Fighters going the Distance in 2011?

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         Looks like Dave Grohl and company are gonna be busy for the rest of 2011, at least according to the internet fodder in the last month or so
            With their new record “Wasting Light” being released April 12th  (I’m actually looking forward to this record, it’s rumoured to have a more raw sound and less polished),  the video for the first single off of the record “Rope” just released a few days ago, with only Festival dates announced a full blown FF tour can’t be far behind and now according to the NME they are releasing an album of covers for Record Store Day on the 16th of April titled called “Medium Rare”, the track listings for the record are as follows:

Paul McCartney and Wings- 'Band On The Run'
Cream- 'I Feel Free'
Joe Walsh- 'Life Of Illusion'
Mose Allison- 'Young Man Blues'
Thin Lizzy -'Bad Reputation'
Prince -'Darling Nikki' (Too Predictable)
Gary Numan-'Down In The Park'
Gerry Rafferty -'Baker Street' (Another Predictable entry)
The Ramones- 'Danny Says'
Pink Floyd- 'Have A Cigar'
Husker Du- 'Never Talking To You Again'
Angry Samoans- 'Gas Chamber'
The Zombies- 'This Will Be Our Year'

           And this is where I come to the part of my article where I offer up my 2 cents.... don’t get me wrong I thing Dave Grohl and the rest of his Foo’s are super talented and amazing musicians, Dave as a drummer just blows everyone away (except maybe JF), but in my opinion I have always found them to be a singles band.       I  find it’s very hard to listen to a Foo Fighters record all the way through, there’s seems to be the token 2 or 3 “singles” and the rest always seem to feel like filler to me

           Now that being said, if you happen to be talking to Dave do me a favour and don’t mention this to him...I’m still working on some comps for the next time they’re in town

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS


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