Friday, March 11, 2011

Thurston Moore announces new Beck Produced Solo Record

        Today began with some very cool* news from the Matador Records Camp , according to Matablog,  Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore is set to release his fourth solo effort, or fifth if you count 1998′s "multimedia project" ‘Root’. The record is titled 'Demolished Thoughts' and will be released on May 23rd via Matador Records. This time out Moore has brought in Beck (Hansen) to produce the record; one can only imagine what these two together have created.
              In addition to Moore’s guitars and vocals, other musicians include violinist  Samara Lubelski who has previously toured and recorded with Moore, harpist Mary Lattimore who can be heard on Kurt Vile’s latest record, bassist Bram Inscore, drummer Joey Waronker and of course Beck. 
            Not to jump the gun but I am pretty confident that Moore will be performing this in some kind of capacity after the release of the record, here’s hoping at least I will keep everyone informed.

Joe Cornelisse-SSGS

*As you begin to read more of my BLOG posts you will notice I use the word “Cool” quite a bit, its part of my vocabulary and I just can’t picture myself using the words “Rad” or “Dope” or....what else are the kids saying these days? Oh yeah “Fly”..... So get use to

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