Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The D'Urbervilles are now what MATTERS...So Sit Up and Listen

                  So Toronto band The D'Urbervilles have decided that a new name and also “a new sound and a new look” was due, according to a press release from the band, the band has decided to now call themselves Matters

         Personally I’m a fan of the band, their sound and their energetically infused live shows were what won me over. Matters plan to release their debut seven-inch on the 5th of April. The seven-inch has two songs: "Get In or Get Out" and "Wild Steps." Both tracks can be heard over at MySpace and you check out the video for "Get In or Get Out" at the end of this piece.
              Matters have a full-length record planned for the fall. They also plan to hit the road in April with PS I Love You.

           With singer John O'Regan winning new legions of fans all over the planet as Diamond Rings (I’m not exaggerating, he’s Big Time) it didn't surprise me that the guys stood back and took at good look at where the band was and where it could be, and with the change in name and direction musically, my prediction is that Matters will be huge in no time at all. 

P.S.....I was going to write “Matters will Matter” but even I have some bit of dignity, not allot, just some

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