Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Digging for Vinyl

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle - 45 RPM

    Do you ever feel the music before you have even heard it? have you ever picked up a record, looked at it and sensed the melody? That happens to me on a regular basis, this week it was a record by Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson called From South Africa to South Carolina, without hearing a single note I just knew that it would be dripping in soul & funk wrapped round Gil Scott-Heron's deep voice…I've been thinking about this record all week, I'll be adding it to my collection tomorrow. As I was digging through some juicy new vinyl Mike had just brought into Alleycats I was again taken aback at the quality of Soul, Funk and Jazz that I was standing before, there's Nina, Sly, Miles he has it all right now…if you are into it then check out Alleycats Music & Art in Orillia ASAP. It's not all used vinyl and CDs, they also carry a good selection of new vinyl, and this week I came across the latest album from Ron Sexsmith his thirteenth studio album called Forever Endeavour.

     So my find of the week was a total fluke, I found a box of 45's (I'm still not comfortable with calling them a 7", it's an age thing) and as I am flipping through them I find a few little treasures nothing super amazing but then my eyes target in on a FAC #, and if you know anything about music from across the pond you will know I'm talking about NewOrder and the 45 I found was "Bizarre Love Triangle". I just had to have it, it was 1986 and my experimentation with new music continued and NewOrder along with Echo and The Bunnymen and a list of other influential English groups were on my turntable at any given time of the day so bringing this 45 home and spinning it was again a trip back to a time where everything was new…it's always a good feeling.

See you next Wednesday in the Vinyl Bins

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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