Sunday, February 3, 2013


    OK I admit it, I was a bit later than usual in regards to hearing about this Eric's Trip Documentary that Rick White has put together , wait; I hate the phrase "put together" it's not an IKEA bookcase it's a movie dammit, so let's start that over again. 

    OK I admit it, I was a bit later than usual in hearing about the Eric's Trip documentary, yes there is a documentary that Rick White has painstakingly collected; organized, and digitized hours upon hours of VHS tape, super8 films, photos and audio, so that in the end we have the ERIC'S TRIP MOVIE.  

    I love history when it comes to music, I have a thing about finding those old grainy shots of bands that no one else has, and in my opinion this documentary is not just about a band, it's not just about the music, it's about a time when mystery still played a part in music, you didn't get a video of a band playing some cover song up on YouTube within' minutes of them leaving the stage, you had to wait for some bootleg tape or album to come along to experience that. 

     Watching these very intimate moments between the band members breaks down the Eric's Trip story just enough to let us feel like we were there, but the story that still has enough mystery to it so we can feel like fans.

   Rick points out in his notes on the films website "Most all the footage was collected from VHS tapes which aren't very HD compared to modern video of course. I don't recommend blowing it up to full screen. The original footage is in 4:3 aspect at 640x480 pixels, and it varies in quality quite a bit. The photos are cleaned up, the music is all remastered and full stereo, and this final edit is just under two hours long. No permissions were gotten for any of the footage i've used that wasn't originally my own, and i really hope all will understand that this movie was made with no intention of profit to be made, and that the footage is very important to this documentative project."

   If you are a fan of Eric's Trip and have not seen this yet than stop everything and give yourself a few hours to immerse yourself into their story,their dreamy punk story,  and if you have never heard of Eric's Trip then this is a perfect chance to dig them as a whole. 

   Below is a teaser for the film, but to watch the complete documentary you have to go to its website HERE and watch it.

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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