Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: New Country Rehab - Ghost Of Your Charms

      Stop the train and tell all those Alt Country/Folk Pop imitators to get off because the real deal is riding the rails in the form of New Country Rehab. NCR first caught everyone's ear with their self-titled debut album back in 2011, but now they're back with Ghost Of Your Charms which will be released on March the 5th via Kelp Records (home of Jim Bryson and HILOTRONS). A mixture of old school magic with "The Image of Me" to the electrified Alt explosions of "The Bank and the Army", Ghost Of Your Charms does not sit back on its laurels as it builds with each track until you are begging for more. Lead singer John Showman's voice is very hard to identify, it's not that laid back drawl a lot of folk rock singers seem to have adopted these days, it's got a feverish pitch to it and lays claim to the music like it owns it right out. 

   I have not had the chance to catch them live but from all that I've read they kick some serious stage, so if you get a chance check them out live on their upcoming dates (listed below).

Click on the link below for a chance to hear the track "Luxury Motel" via soundcloud from the forthcoming album "Ghost of Your Charms" out on Kelp Records on March 5, 2013.

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

*Photo courtesy of Frank Yang

Tour Dates
FEB 21, 2013 - STRATFORD, ON (Foster's Inn)
FEB 22-23, 2013 - TORONTO, ON (Folk Alliance International)
MAR 1, 2013 - STIRLING, ON (Stirling Festival Theatre)
MAR 2, 2013 - BURNSTOWN, ON (Neat Coffee)
MAR 7, 2013 - WINNIPEG, MB (Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club)
MAR 8, 2013 - DAUPHIN, MB (Watson Arts Centre)
MAR 9, 2013 - SASKATOON, SK (Amigo's Cafe)
MAR 10, 2013 - REGINA, SK (The Exchange)
MAR 15, 2013 - CALGARY, AB (Ironwood Stage and Grill)
MAR 16, 2013 - EDMONTON, AB (Haven Social Club)
MAR 20, 2013 - REVELSTOKE, BC (Big Eddy Pub)
MAR 21, 2013 - VANCOUVER, BC (The Rouge)
MAR 22, 2013 - VICTORIA, BC (Logan's Pub)
MAR 23, 2013 - CUMBERLAND, BC (Cumberland Hotel)
APR 4, 2013 - TORONTO, ON (Horseshoe Tavern)
APR 6, 2013 - MORRISBURG, ON (St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage)
APR 12, 2013 - MONTREAL, QC (Casa Del Popolo)
APR 13, 2013 - WAKEFIELD, QC (Black Sheep Inn) 
APR 20, 2013 - KEMPTVILLE, ON (The Branch)
APR 21, 2013 - PICTON, ON (Acoustic Grill)
APR 26, 2013 - SARNIA, ON (Paddy Flaherty's)
APR 27, 2013 - WINDSOR, ON (Phog Lounge)

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