Friday, February 15, 2013

Joel Carriere of Dine Alone Records starts new record label NEW DAMAGE RECORDS

    Joel Carriere Owner and President of Dine Alone Records (home of Alexisonfire, Billy Bragg etc...) announced this morning via his Facebook account that he has started a new record label, and it's called New Damage Records

Here's what he had to say:

Starting a record label in today's climate can be viewed with skepticism. Starting a niche label focused on everything not-mainstream and aggressive in the age of pop-music and one hit wonders might be viewed a bit crazy.

That being said there is a popular Oscar Wilde quote that has stuck with me from the time I first heard it a long time ago "Everything popular is wrong". It fuelled the beginning of Bedlam Society then lead to Bedlam Music Mgmt, Dine Alone Records and now this.

With that quote lodged in our soul we give you a new record label NEW DAMAGE RECORDS. Come watch us succeed or fail at building a new brand from the ground up. One thing is we are going to have a ton of fun doing it.

The wreck is going down
Get out before you drown
The wreck is going down

With the magic touch that Joel has I expect to see some really great things from NDR.

ND Twitter: @newdamage

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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