Sunday, February 3, 2013

My First Record Player

      A post with some personal nostalgia from me....this is what comes from digging through old pictures, so here it is.
   Not long ago on a vinyl digging quest I came across what I believe to be was the very first full length record that I ever possessed.  It was 1979 and of course it had to be The Bee Gees 'Greatest Hits' , this double LP, triple Gatefold sleeve of mind-blowing happy had pictures of Barry, Robin and Maurice all gracing the inside which for a kid of 10 back then was pretty cool. I'm pretty sure I still have a picture of me holding it somewhere but so far it's eluded me, but one picture I did come find was me with my very first record player.

    Who here remembers their first record player? I do because it was likely from Sears (back then in Canada I think everything came from the Sears catalogue), the speakers were plastic, it was white and silver, it had a turntable and a tuner…and it was all mine. 

     From speaking with my Mom I've determined that I probably got it as a Christmas present and the Bee Gees record was either included or I got it for my Birthday a few weeks before.

 Just wanted to share a bit of history that helps establish where my love of music started.

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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